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Realtor Tip - 1

We've selected this as "Realtor Tip 1" simply because the statement is heard so many times!

This Doesn't Work In My Market ... or With My Clients!

This statement causes tons of Realtors to lose out on great marketing strategies. It also means that you simply don't know your clients that well and don't know what they want.

I hear this all the time "My clients or market just doesn't go for that". This is a huge mistake. You are not your client. Usually either you've tried it once (poorly) or YOU don't like it and don't THINK they'll respond to it.

It amazes me how many people call or fax our office and tell us something will never work with your clients.

First of all, you don't know what will or won't work with your clients with proper testing and tweaking. Second of all, direct response marketing strategies have been tested all over the country. They've worked with all kinds of people and have worked for years.

If you can't get something to work, it may be in the application, the implementation, it may need a little tweaking. Send us an e-mail or fax us your questions. We'll help you get it to work.

If a plane crashes we don't say "Planes don't fly." We ask "What might have been wrong with the plane?" or "What mistake might the pilot have made?"

Brian Rodgers is a sought after trainer in the real estate industry while still maintaining his highly successful real estate practice in Hutchinson, Kansas.
Thanks, Brian...great Realtor Tip!

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