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Realtor Tip 2:

The Four Legged Stool: A Fresh Way to Look at the Fundamentals of Selling

To make sure every sales presentation (including convincing your wife to let you spend $7,500 on that 3 week elk hunt in Canada your buddies want you to go on or ladies, the 2 carat tennis bracelet you just have to have today), keep in mind these 4 legs. Without them, your argument will topple.

1. Lay on the benefits. Answer "What's in it for me?" "This home will allow you and your family to expand...your children couldn't get a better education than at W H... I can see you're imagining what it would be like to play ball with your boy in the back...L, you're thinking how romantic it would be for you and P to sit in front of the fireplace, aren't you?"

2. Create a big idea.

First, it must reinforce his beliefs and feelings. Second, it must be simple. Third, repeat it relentlessly.

To a young urbanite (aka millennial buyer) who would prefer to live near downtown, close to other young urbanites, coffees houses, shops, museums and pubs, key in on his desire to live downtown versus the suburbs. The big idea being he will be surrounded by people and things that he loves.

3. Establish credibility.

Demonstrate credibility through experience, years in business, reputation, awards and testimonials. And weave these through your presentation.

4. Prove your claims.

Use testimonials, graphs, statistics, expert endorsements, name recognition, specificity, technical data, study results and press releases.

Gary Elwood

Gary Elwood
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real estate marketing tools

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