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Good Real Estate Marketing Tools Pull Real Estate Leads

If you ask real estate agents which Realtor tools they need most, each could rhyme off a long list of favorites.

This could be very intimidating to a 'rookie realtor' who has already spent a bundle on the education and licensing requirements. So... my recommendation is to get the basic realtor tools and start earning money.

Basic Realtor® Tools ... My Recommended Short List!

Realtor® tools that can propel your business to new heights immediately:

Real Estate Response Hotlines! Many top producing agents run only direct-response-ads. Why? Real estate response hotlines attract more prospects than any other tool or marketing method especially in combination with an "effective real estate website" and the right real estate postcard marketing campaign.

Set up a hotline system ... run cheap classified ads ... attract ready-to-act buyers and sellers. It's that simple!

Have a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan

Call it your Marketing Plan or call it your Action Plan. It should clearly lay out for you the 'What', 'When', 'Who' and 'How' of your marketing efforts. Highlight your values and uniqueness (USP). Does your marketing plan answer the prospects' big question: "What's in it for me?" (If you are using the response hotline system effectively, the question never comes up.)

The competition to sell the same service is fierce. Focus on something unique you may have to offer, that stands out from your competitors. Whoever said "Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan" must have been talking to real estate agents. If you don't have a unique service to offer, then have the ability to offer the same services in a unique way.

Reach qualified prospects by including Postcards, Calendars, Just Listed, Just Sold flyers in the arsenal of realtor tools for prospecting. (And don't forget the simple classified ads!)

Go back to your Business Plan and Marketing Plan. Did you develop your Real Estate USP? If you have a USP, what could you use/do to highlight that USP?

Having your own website is vital. Owning a real estate website that is so inviting that it compels buyers and sellers to contact you is another matter requiring more thought, attention and consideration. (More on real estate websites here ...)

There are numerous other Realtor tools and prospecting ideas to discuss and we'll itemize and review as many as possible here. We'll stick to these solid basics for now. They are sure to elevate your image as a "Real Estate Expert"!

Are your real estate websites branding you as the community expert? Here is a revolutionary way to selling real estate that will have you OWNING YOUR MARKET! Selling Real Estate ... With a Twist!

Real Estate Marketing Postcards ... Postcard Marketing Kicked Up A Notch!

Real Estate Marketing Plans ... How to Plan for Success

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Tough Market Domination

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    FYI ...

    An Easy To Create Realtor Business Plan!
    A good Realtor Business Plan maps the path to your goal within a specified timeframe.

    Your Realtor Business Plan Requires A Definitive Marketing Plan!
    A Marketing Plan or Action Plan sets the wheels of success in motion. It answers the question: What have I scheduled TO DO today, tomorrow, next week and next month to reach my goals?

    Some Keys To Success!
    There are a few simple but basic Key Rules For Success. These guidelines will serve you well in reaching your goals.

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