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Is Your Sales Pipeline A Gusher or Drying Up?

Real estate agents prospect consistently from the wrong end of the sales pipeline. That's the main reason for ordinary results. Their pipeline is frequently 'dry'.

There are three stages in the sales pipeline:

1. Now or Today business. A very small number of people who are under contract to buy or sell.

2. Hot prospects who may buy or list a property within the next 30 to 90 days.

3. Warm prospects that are not yet ready to list or have not shown an interest in any property. You likely haven't even met or spoken with them yet.

Generally, most agents work with 'Now or Today business' and then deal with 'Hot prospects'. If there is any time left in the day they move to the 'Warm prospects'.

This is the WRONG way to prospect. If agents are not constantly filling up the sales pipeline with fresh leads, the result is a feast or famine roller coaster income with no control, no certainty and no security.

Success leaves clues... combine prospecting tools with management and marketing tools!

Contact Management Software And Customer Relationship Management

CRM software is not a luxury item, it's a definite prerequisite for business success.

Without a good system for managing customers, clients and prospects, you could very quickly be overwhelmed by the number of leads and prospects you capture from the tools we recommend here. Managing contacts in an effective and efficient manner is vital to success.

One system that has quickly risen to the top of my favorites list is Ixact Contact. It's really simple to use, (easier than most others) and has many must-have features including over 100 pre-loaded, pre-written emails and letters that you can send to customers and prospects on a scheduled basis.

There's a new mass email campaign reporting tab that shows you what’s working and not working in your email marketing!

  • You can view statistics on the overall deliverability of your email campaigns including open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc.
  • Know who’s getting your emails and opening them – and who isn’t.
  • Know who’s clicking on hyperlinks in your emails and who’s forwarding your emails on to others.
  • Identify the most interested leads in your database that are reading and clicking on your email marketing.

    IXACT Contact™ offers a FREE 5 week trial to try any or all of the great features. Their customer support is quick, friendly and really terrific!

    Now, full disclosure here: I have Agent Office on my computer and have previously used Top Producer as well. Both are excellent products but have longer learning curves. Agent Office was my favorite until I began using Ixact Contact.

    Which ever one you choose, use it! CRM software is a time and money saver.

  • 3 Magic Words That Will Fill Your Sales Pipeline!

    In any real estate marketing or prospecting efforts, 3 magic words will increase the number of responses to any classified ad, real estate postcard or marketing brochure. Numerous tests have proven that "Free Recorded Message" lowers the barrier of resistance, enabling potential prospects to get the information they want. Polls have shown that four out five people in your market would prefer recorded information.

    "Free Recorded Message" on your For Sale Signs will attract

  • Today business
  • Hot prospects as well as
  • Warm prospects (see above)

    Try it. You’ll see an immediate increase in the number of responses to your ads, postcards or other marketing materials.

    Two Call Capture Systems we recommend offer excellent services such as call tracking, Fax-on-Demand and multiple line technology. All 800 numbers are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any phone in the United States or Canada.

    Proquest Technologies, Inc.  

    Excalibur Call Capture has a turn-key system that enables agents to capture and control the Seller, Purchaser, Builder and F.S.B.O. markets. Their system is easy to employ using a unique and personal toll-free telephone number, programmed with their proprietary Call Capture technology. You’ll be up and running in minutes! Click here for Subscriber Form (The Initial setup and programming fee has been reduced using this form.)

  • Real Estate Postcard Marketing Can Flood A Sales Pipeline!

    Dean Jackson developed two excellent turnkey programs that get results! Whether you want to get listings or find buyers, these programs were made for you.

    There is no cold calling, no chasing prospects and flat out works without spending a fortune to get your name out there.

    I think you'll especially love the feeling of having people calling YOU instead of you calling them. If you're accustom to doing any type of cold calling or working expired listings and FSBO's... these two postcard marketing programs will literally change your life.

    Incorporate these two turnkey programs with either one of the Call Capture Systems and watch the magic!

    Text Message Marketing

    Text message marketing has become an instant hit because it is fast, efficient and cheap. In fact, most expert marketers would agree that marketing from a mobile phone should be on top of the list as the most recommended advertising platform today, in the ever-changing real estate market.

    Do you need help mastering a particular area of your business? Would better or improved skills create better results for your real estate business? Improve the flow into your sales pipeline by mastering the necessary skills.


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