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Search Engine Optimization For Realtors Really Works!

Search engine optimization for Realtors™ (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a real estate web site from search engines via "natural" (otherwise referred to as: "organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

Simply put, it is a process that makes your website highly visible in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Live (MSN).

There is a big difference between optimizing your site for keywords and making it search engine friendly. The domain name, page content and keywords, including the file name of the pages play a role in search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization for Realtors can be described as the art and science of building web pages that are both search engine friendly, (increasing targeted traffic) and user friendly. Every element of the site is involved. This Video Action Guide is an excellent resource ... and it's free.

What Can You Do To Get Your Site Optimized?

Optimizing any web site for the search engines involves many aspects of developing the site itself. The domain name, page content and keywords, including the file name of the pages. Every element of the site plays a role.

Using Meta Tags

Meta tags provide a guide for the search engines to the content on each page. Every page on your site must have a unique HTML Title tag, meta Keywords tag, and meta Description tag.

Targeting the right real estate website keywords is critical, otherwise you will not get the site visitors you want. Fine tune your website for top rankings using real estate website keywords appropriate to your target market.

The more your site draws traffic the more your sales will increase, ultimately paying you dividends for your hard work. Most websites fail for lack of traffic.

In order to get traffic, the most cost-effective step you can take is to prepare your website optimally, so that it can show up in the first few pages of search results. Ideally, someone who searches for your most important keywords or keyword phrases will find your real estate website quickly.

Real Estate Website Content

You want to get links to your site, create great content, and establish yourself as an authority in your field. So write with authority, about your area real estate market. Remember... the actual page content is read by the search engine spiders and must include your selected keywords and phrases. Make Your Content PREsell is another free resource on writing content for your site.

I am a Realtor and by no means an expert on search engine optimization for Realtors, nor am I an Internet guru. However, I have followed, studied and read what many "Gurus" recommend.

If you want a step by step (or block by block) uncomplicated system that works, check out SiteBuildIt. Their no nonsense.. no hype .. keep it real approach to the real estate internet marketing is refreshing. After all, search engine optimization for Realtors is really about having a site that potential prospects can find!

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The Promises & Search Engines

There are companies who promise search engine optimization for realtors and offer to submit your site to hundreds if not thousands of search engines.

The reality is, over 85% of the traffic comes from Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

So... if you can satisfy Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Live), you are well on your way. If you include AOL, Inktomi and Ask and Teoma, your site will most likely be listed in all the smaller search engines as well.

White Hat & Black Hat SEO

The techniques for search engine optimization fall into two general categories.

White Hat techniques are what search engines recommend and Black Hat techniques which search engines do not approve.

Stick to the White Hat techniques otherwise your site will likely be lost in cyberspace.

Latest News ...

Lorelle VanPossen has an excellent resource, a DIY search engine optimization guide. She says "Search engine optimization doesn’t cost, but not paying attention to search engine optimization costs you plenty." Find her guide here.


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Get a listing. Sell a house.
Get a listing. Sell a house.

Repeat for 20 years.
That's a treadmill habit that becomes very hard to ADJUST (not "break"... adjust).
Now, suddenly, think long-term and invest time with no IMMEDIATE return in ...
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