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Selling Your Home

by Polina
(Sheffield, UK)

When deciding to sell your home, you naturally want to do everything you can to ensure a quick sale at the best possible price. While you can never guarantee that your property will be instantly snapped up at the asking price, there are lots of things you can do to make this more likely. The housing market may not currently be at its strongest, but there are ways to avoid resorting to one of the many 'instant buy' companies who offer you less than the market value. Here are some top tips:

The outside, front and back: - Often neglected by homeowners when selling, the outside of your property is actually the first thing prospective buyers will see, so it pays to keep it trim and tidy! The state of a house's exterior says volumes about what you are likely to find inside it, so make sure you aren?t putting off house hunters from booking a viewing. Nothing fancy is required- mowing the lawn, cutting back weeds and removing any rubbish are more than sufficient. If you have paving or pebble stones, a potted plant or 2 can be an inexpensive way to add a more homely feel.

Interiors: - The most obvious thing to address when attempting to sell. It's best to replace any outlandish colour schemes or decorations with a lick of paint in warmer neutral tones. Prospective buyers need to see your property as a canvas for their own taste, and they do that only if your own isn't too strongly imposed. Thoroughly clean and tidy your house before your estate agent photographs it, and again before every viewing. If you have a lot of possessions, it's worth investing in bookcases, shelving units and other storage solutions. Not only will they enhance the feeling of space in your property, but you can bring them with you when you move. Small touches can make all the difference to the feel of your home. A vase of flowers or a scented room spray will provide a more homely ambiance.

Maintenance: - Fix any glaring maintenance issues or unfinished projects. Potential buyers will be more willing to stump up the money for a house which is fully safe and habitable, and where they don't foresee any unwanted costs cropping up. Problems encountered by a surveyor have the potential to halt a sale in its tracks, so don't take the risk- attend to any known problems before putting your home on the market. Don't ignore minor problems either. Wobbling bannisters and rotten or missing skirting boards give the house a less than polished appearance and make the property feel uncared for.

By heeding these simple guidelines you will be boosting your chances of a swift and successful move!

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