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Do You Know If Your Website Pages Are Search Engine Optimized?

Using an SEO tips checklist to carefully analyze your webpage content is generally a good idea. Several items need to be considered, when modifying the pages of your real estate websites in order to give them the very best chance of having the search engines take notice. This article outlines some of the important items you need to review before adding or changing website content. We've linked to several articles on this site that give you more detailed information regarding the various points outlined here.

SEO Tips Check List:

SEO Keywords: Have you researched your real estate website keywords? It's very important to choose the most frequently used terms that are relevant to your market and the topic you want to write about. Keyword research is the top priority in your SEO checklist. Keywords are vital, because they are the words people type in when searching on the Internet. If you want to be on top of the search engine rankings, use popular local seo real estate keywords and focus on one keyword or keyword phrase per page. Be very clear about which keyword or phrase EACH page on your site is targeting.

Page Title: The page title should contain the primary keyword for that page and a concise description of the web page. Search engines place importance to the title of each page, so you need to create a title describing your article in not more than 70 characters and spaces as this is the limit Google displays in search results. The title refers to the text between the title tags in the "HEAD" section of your webpage's source code.

Keyword Density: Is your keyword density too high or just right? This is an important point to consider in your SEO tips checklist. Your keyword or keyword phrase needs to be repeated several times in one page. This will increase your chances of ranking well in search engine results, but don't overdo it. 'Keyword stuffing' is an abuse that search engines won't tolerate and will penalize a webpage they consider guilty. Your primary keyword density should be in the range between of 1% to 2%.

On Page SEO - Headlines: Another important item in your SEO checklist is the on page SEO. How do you make sure that your website is friendly to search engines? If you want to score points with the search engines, unique content is an important element. Label your headlines using H Tags. This identifies to the search engines which lines are most important to your page, especially the H1 Tag. Only use one H1 Tag. Other headlines on the page can be H2, H3, or H4 Tags.

Content Writing: Writing content is another factor in increasing SEO ranking and a very important item on your SEO tips checklist. Google is constantly improving its ability to provide high quality, useful content in its search results. The Internet is full of content that is simply useless garbage. When you are genuinely trying to HELP folks who may visit your site, the quality of the content is generally good. Create quality content through good research, patience, and strategically arranging the information in your real estate websites. Google's recent Panda/Farmer update is evidence of their desire to cull poor or low quality content and reward well written web pages.

Marketing Your Site: Your SEO tips check list should also include efforts to market your real estate website. Article marketing is an excellent course of action to start with. Write articles about the contents of your site and then submit these to Article Directories. There are dozens of directories to choose from, so we've highlighted some of the best. You can also promote your website in real estate forums, or financial forums. A word of caution here: be careful that you don't contravene the rules and guidelines at each forum as some do not allow self publicity. This leads us to the next point in this list.

Backlinks: Very important step to consider in your SEO tips checklist are backlinks. The number of links from other sites linking back to a page, plays a very important role in increasing traffic and your search engine ranking. However, don't post links to your website indiscriminately. Google places a lot of importance on quality backlinks to your site from other related websites on the Internet. It considers each inbound link to your site as a vote of confidence ... Review: 10 Ways To Indirectly Get To The Top Of Search Engines.

Look and Feel: Finally, it is important to make your website as attractive as possible to the search engines, because it is they who will be sending you free, organic traffic. HOWEVER, always remember that it's real people who will be making you money. Your site must be search engine friendly, but it must always remain human friendly and be capable of answering questions and problems that real people are asking. Don't make the mistake of focusing ONLY on the needs of the search engines to the exclusion of the real people who want to use your website. There are a couple of ebooks available on the subject: Make Your Words Sell! The Simple Art of e-Persuasion</a> and Make Your Knowledge Sell! You might also want to download Make Your Content PREsell! All three books are FREE.

You can develop real estate websites that are SEO friendly and user friendly. When it comes to local SEO ranking, it is not easy to stay ahead of the competition. However, if you follow the SEO tips in this checklist, you will likely be in the lead.

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