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Listing And Selling A Short Sale - The Right Way

A short sale (also called a "Short Payoff" or "SPO")is a popular and widely accepted exit strategy for homeowners today, during a buyer’s market when real estate sales are dragging.

Just to clarify, short sales are a way for homeowners with an upside down mortgage to avoid foreclosure on their homes and still be able to pay off their loan by settling with the lender.

The property owner's credit ratings won't suffer nearly as much as it will during a foreclosure process, not to mention that both the home-owner and the lending company are spared from the cost of drawn out, aggravating, and complex processes. The negotiations are all done through the lender's loss mitigation or workout department.

Most Realtors Avoid Listing Short Sales

Distressed properties have become a major "niche" in the current real estate market yet most Realtors avoid taking advantage of the distressed real estate market.

Their reasons for NOT pursuing the distressed real estate market niche could include:

  • Short Sales Aren't Worth My Time
  • Distressed Property Sales Never Close
  • Foreclosure Sales Take Too Long

The reality is likely to be, most Realtors do NOT KNOW HOW to handle a this type of property sale effectively.

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You can learn all the tips, secrets and strategies of executing a sale on a property selling short the right way, by reviewing Foreclosure Mastery.

If you can take and follow simple and direct instruction you WILL be successful in listing and selling foreclosure properties and your income will rise along with your closing ratio.

The program offers:

checkmark   How to accurately assess prospect conversion probability - foreclosure lead conversion worksheet Included. Step-by-step techniques for filtering homeowners in foreclosure to determine which deals are likely to close the fastest and with the least amount of hassle and time.

checkmark  How To Do A Short Sale

You need to understand loss mitigation and know what the lenders hope to achieve. Then, you need to know how to psychologically manipulate the lenders representative into understanding that it is in the lenders' best interest to provide you with the discount that you are seeking.

checkmark  How to cut your phone time in half by committing them to an appointment using foreclosure lead scripts.

checkmark  How to Get Organized Using a Foreclosure Lead Inventory Tracking System. Build a complete team that will handle your distressed sales at no cost and no additional time, money or effort required on your behalf.

checkmark  Why the DNA2 System is the only system every REALTOR should be using for foreclosure leads.

checkmark  The Perfect Foreclosure Listing Presentation... How to get the contract signed on the first appointment every time!

checkmark  How to leverage yourself and your "distressed properties" success for fun and profit with little if any further investment required.

checkmark  Have the luxury of turning away business or having your very own referral farm.

And the list goes on.

Foreclosure Mastery is definitely worth checking out!

checkmark  Ideas To Locate Short Sale Prospects In A Real Estate Niche.

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quote openToday's successful real estate practitioner MUST learn to effectively and correctly specialize in the distressed property niche if they are going to have ANY chance of surviving in this business. To think otherwise is to be unprofessional and dare I say it, incompetent. quote close

~ Real Estate Radio USA

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