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Social Media 101 Use It Or Lose It

Social media has gripped the globe!

There are currently 500 million people globally participating on social websites!

If a client hasn't already asked you if you're on a social website such as Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, someone soon will.

LinkedIn for example, is a business-oriented social networking website with more than 36 million users.

The average LinkedIn user is 40 years old, has been in his or her job for 10-plus years and has a household income of $109,000. Forty three percent of the site's users consider themselves decision-makers in the family.

"Who wouldn't want access to this group?"

But joining the conversation takes more than just logging in and giving your sales pitch. That being said, if you can learn quickly and follow the rules, there's tremendous business potential in social media.

Tips for Getting Started

1. Creating a Profile

  • A profile is a work in progress. Start with a skeleton version and then go back and fill it in.
  • Look at other people's profiles to see what works.
  • Your profile is not a resume. Instead, use it to tell your story and why people should connect with you.
  • Don't use a junk e-mail address that you don't check regularly to get messages.
  • Secure your profile name.
  • Include your high school and other background information. Small additions like this can make a big impact on potential opportunities.
  • If there's a box on the page - use it. Every word you add will appear in searches.
  • Update your status at least once a day. It shows that you're out there doing something.
  • 2. Building Your Network

  • Start searching for people you know.
  • Add super-connected users to your connections. You'll enlarge your Web footprint faster.
  • Lurk and learn.
  • Join and create groups.
  • Ask and answer questions. If one of your answers is marked as one of the best, you'll get a star for it and users will begin to take notice.
  • Ask for and give recommendations.
  • Quantity is quality in social networking. Connect with people you don't know. Expand your horizons.
  • Combine your social media efforts with your traditional marketing.
  • Put your LinkedIn address on your business cards and other marketing materials.

    By: Barney Johnson, is the Broker of Record for Re/Max Crossroads Realty Inc. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can always contact Barney at

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    checkmarkCustomers are on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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