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How to Use Social Networking For Generating Leads

Social networking is a beneficial practice for many businesses, but in real estate, he who is networking gets more leads. What is social networking?

Basically it is getting together with a bunch of like-minded people and talking about what you are most interested in.

In the case of real estate, that is your local market conditions, generating leads and your life as an agent in general.

Of course you don't just talk about it, you try to help others and they try to help you. Imagine if you know of a family who is moving to Blaine, Minnesota and they are looking for a particular type of house.

You don't know that area very well so have been unable to help them. But during your networking you meet a real estate agent who mentions that he has just such a house to sell. Bingo! You can furnish his name and contact details to your customer and everyone is helped. (You may even negotiate a referral fee.)

You might say this has not helped you much,... the other agent got the sale and the commission and you didn't. But remember, you have to pay it forward to get help. This means you do a good turn to get one back.

In a few weeks your friendly real estate agent will likely find that someone from his area is moving to your area. He remembers your name because you had referred him. So he contacts you and alerts you to the opportunity coming your way. Or he may give your contact details to the person moving.

In fact he is so happy you helped him that he gives your name to several other people he knows who just might need your assistance. Sound good?

Where can you find these social networks?

There are many formal ways of networking. The internet has many sites providing social media networks, ActiveRain is one of them. Join a number of National Realtor groups. Talk in forums about real estate. Write a piece about your market or comment about someone elses news, views and opinions. Having your own real estate website and/or blog helps too.

Establishing a social network can also be informal. It can be as simple as a coffee with a couple of friends or chatting to the guy next to you while working out at the gym. It can be popping in to that happy customer you closed the deal with last week and asking if he knows of anyone else needing your services.

There are many creative ways in which social networking can take place. In fact, if you have a website, you could even have a speaking character to talk about your business, or simply create your own video and place it on your site. It would be helpful in the social alliance and branding arena.

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Notable Quotes

quote open The value of a social network is defined not only by who's on it, but by who's excluded. quote close

~ Paul Saffo, a Silicon Valley forecaster.

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