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Strategies for New Agents

Strategies for new agents should be taken seriously and Claire Ann Smith, Real Estate Broker & Real Estate Coach, has outlined a few tips to jump start your career properly.

Here we go...

The Top 10 Strategies for New Agents

The best motivator in sales is success, and the sooner you can get a contract signed, get a deal closed, and get paid, the more enthusiasm you will have for doing what it takes to do it all again.

1. Commit to self-discipline.
Real estate IS a real job. Plan your work (i.e., prospecting) and work your plan to easily achieve your goals.

2. Work with a mentor and/or a coach. The road to success is shorter and more fun when you travel with someone who cares about you and your outcomes as much as you do.

3. Read and understand the contracts and forms you will use in your business.
Mastery of this information will increase your self-confidence and give you a service edge that your clients will appreciate, because you ARE the expert!

4. Preview, preview, preview property.
Become familiar with every property for sale in your area to learn first-hand about property values, inventory, neighborhood characteristics, proximity to amenities, etc., and you will become extremely knowledgeable about your market. Think about how this activity could become a powerful prospecting method, and use it.

5. Work with qualified buyers.
Everyone wants to buy real estate, but qualified buyers need to buy, they have the means to buy, and they are ready to buy within the next 45 days. Because the purchasing cycle is shorter than the listing-to-sale cycle, you will get contracts signed sooner which increases your chances for success.

6. Keep expenses to a minimum.
Think twice (or even three times) before spending money on gimmicks, gadgets, advertising, or seminars. Always ask how your proposed expenditure will contribute directly to your bottom line.

7. Set aside money for taxes.
Put at least 20% of your gross income into some type of account so that you will free yourself from worry about it, and you can plan for reserves.

8. Write your business plan.
Share your plan with your manager and ask for accountability. The act of writing it and getting help in carrying it out will keep you in action which yields results you can count on.

9. Take extreme care of yourself.
Prospecting, presenting, and closing sales is hard work. Get plenty of rest, eat properly, and exercise to stay in top form always. Make certain to include fun and relaxation in your action plan.

10. Enjoy!
It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Use the marketing systems and tools your company offers, and learn the best strategies others have developed to attract clients and to build your referral base.

Claire Ann Smith (Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Coach) can be reached at Claire Ann Smith wants you to know: I coach agents, managers, brokers, and owners who want to take their business to the next level and to have balance in their life.

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