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We always welcome writers to submit articles to this site.

There are a few excellent reasons to write for us as well as for other real estate related sites.

It is not surprising that in recent years, website owners have caught on to the effectiveness of article marketing. It has now become an online phenomenon. More and more articles about a variety of subject areas are being uploaded everyday over the internet. People who have websites have turned to marketing articles to increase their page views. They write and submit articles to article directories who in turn, make these articles available to other site owners.

If your articles are selected for publication on the site, you will receive active backlinks to your site for each article published. There are a number of benefits attached to those links:

The search engines will upgrade your sites' value because it has 'backlinks' and therefore must contain valuable information.

Other agents may contact you with referrals to your market. (They've read what you have to say on a real estate topic and are impressed with your knowledge and expertise.)

You can share YOUR ideas, thoughts and tips ... about the business and we all learn from each other. It's about that simple philosophy of "paying it forward".

Don't know what to write about?
Don't think you have writing skills? You can acquire or improve the single most important skill that you need to thrive, online or off.

Here are some topics for articles:

How to get more prospects!

How to write ads!

Listing and listing presentations.

Referral marketing.

Technology for Agents (now that subject could fill a room or empty one.)

Offline marketing - postcards, gifts, etc.

Feng Shui

Staging A Home To Sell


More information on how to write, market and submit articles for publication on the web.


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