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Twitter Marketing For Realtors
Are You A Professional Real Estate Tweeter?

Originally, Twitter marketing was not the objective in the founder's mind. “The definition was 'a short burst of inconsequential information' and 'chirps from birds'. And that's exactly what the product was.”

With increased popularity world wide, CEO Evan Williams described its present function as “What we have to do is deliver to people the best and freshest most relevant information possible. We think of Twitter as it's not a social network, but it's an information network. It tells people what they care about as it is happening in the world.”

There are a number of priceless benefits for Realtors in this latest micro blogging technology. You cannot ignore Twitter. Most of the major companies as well as media outlets use Twitter for marketing. News commentators are tweeting out to their mass following even as they broadcast the latest stories.

Twitter Has Become A News and Information Network.

Twitter Bird

As followers turn to Twitter to keep up with “What's happening?”, there's a great potential to have followers looking to you for information. That includes you tweeting information about new services, new listings and news in your local real estate market which gives you a fantastic opportunity for promotion to a targeted and interested audience.

Twitter Ranked #1 Most Popular Tool

When using social media and Twitter marketing, expect increased exposure, traffic, search engine rank, and generated targeted leads. If Twitter marketing works, it stands to reason that a marketing tool that capitalizes on Twitter's marketing properties could indeed be very effective. But exactly how do these tools make Twitter a profitable marketing platform for real estate agents and brokers?

Tweeting Benefits & Strategies

There are many benefits to Twitter marketing for Realtors. If you build your Twitter account the right way, and use some of the free Twitter tools, you could develop a large following.

Building Business Relationships are key to building any successful business.

Using Twitter, you can network with thousands of people in real estate, (think referrals). I can't think of any other way besides Twitter where you can find such a large number of targeted people for networking with ... so quickly. Be very careful that you choose the right people, especially the influencers. Check out new contacts very carefully before making decisions to reciprocate. Try to build relationships so you get to know the people you may end up working with.

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The process of getting new followers can be time consuming. Some people will take the initiative to follow you without being prompted. But unless you're an established industry expert already, these numbers won't be enough to feed your marketing funnel.

To speed up that process, proactively follow people in your target market. A percentage of them will follow you back. This is the manual part.

Note: Finding Influencers with a large number of followers who follow you back is one way to increase YOUR following. It's all in the strategies you use without spamming and as mentioned earlier, its time consuming.

It's All About Conversations & Communications

How can you benefit from a huge list of followers? When you have a big following, you are noticed. You can still have a relationship with people even if you don't have a direct conversation with them daily or weekly.

You are simply opening up lines of communication. If someone wants to talk with you, they can. When sending out emails to the leads in your list, you don't really talk to each of them either, but you're still building a relationship with them. One of the best ways to start conversations is to ask good questions. Your followers will respond and likely retweet the valuable conversations to others.

Branding Is One of the Biggest Benefits of Using Twitter.

You are probably already building your real estate business by having a good following of people with whom you network and who send you referrals. With professional Twitter marketing and tools, most of which are FREE, your recognition and business will grow exponentially. People follow when they see value.

People you have never spoken with and were not referred to you, will soon recognize you as the real estate expert in your local market. Having Twitter followers completely pre-sold on the idea of doing business with you, is priceless!

Be A Professional Tweeter

Your online reputation is important. If you make someone unhappy with less than top quality customer service, one bad Tweet can travel far and fast with the power of retweeting(RT).

However, if a customer has taken the time to Tweet his/her dissatisfaction with your services, it also gives you the ability to immediately respond and fix the problem publicly, before bad thoughts become associated with the way you handle business. Use Twitter to give great customer service. It can pay long term dividends.

Setting Up A Twitter Marketing Campaign

Twitter by nature and design is viral. Exploit those characteristics! When you discover how to get your site visitors to retweet your articles, blog posts and comments to their followers, you will have found the key to that illusive viral vending machine.

More Twitter Tools

Doing everything manually is very time consuming. You could easily lose hours every day to your Twitter efforts, trying to build and manage your Twitter following. Then, there's more hours sending out tweets at all times of the day. You could easily end up tired and frustrated and not achieving your listing and sales targets. There are twitter tools that can handle many of the details automatically.

Automate Your Results And Profits

Your success with Twitter marketing depends on a number of factors, and will be most effective if – as with any real estate marketing – you set up a campaign or a system, to make the best use of Twitter.

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Social Media Marketing Update!

Social Media Science (aka Synnd), is enhancing their Twitter module to include automatic friend building from targeted niches based on keywords you provide. This will be an easy way to build a targeted following on Twitter.

Plans for their Twitter Module include:

1. Automatic (on topic) tweets as the module seeks top news for (keyword) and then tweets about it to engage your followers automatically.

2. Automatic (status) tweets to engage your followers with your current status.

3. Automatic (quotes) which will cite famous quotes from famous people to engage your followers.

Basically they plan to have Synnd automate all of the things you would have to do manually to engage and build a Twitter following.

Other Twitter function will include:

red arrow Automatic friend accepting

red arrow Automatic friend purging (from those that don't follow you) optional

red arrow Automatic Re-tweeting of tweets from your followers that have re-tweeted YOUR content... A great way to build positive relationships with people in your market.

red arrow much more being added to the Twitter marketing module.

Twitter is fast becoming a powerful marketing force. We are looking forward to having Synnd automate the building of our Twitter followers and automatically engaging them to build a solid following.

This is not just a theory or general pep talk. This is an AWESOME service. I recommend it because I use the service myself and see the value.

With the many other social media marketing modules they offer for automatically generating traffic and links to my sites, it is the cheapest and best real estate marketing investment I've made in years!

Discover how this Revolutionary Tool makes it possible to outsource your Twitter marketing and other social media marketing to 700+ people worldwide in less than 2 minutes!

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