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Real Estate Web Site Content Is King!

Compelling real estate web site content is the key to a successful and profitable real estate website.

What you say on the pages of your site; the words on each page, will be the most critical part of your site.

On the super highway of information, everyone uses the fast lanes. The more useful the site content, the more successful the site will be.

This is especially true if quality original web site content is being added on a regular basis, either with articles, tutorials/help, news or opinions.

Content Is What Drives The Web

Web surfers are NOT looking for you, your real estate services or your business. They are NOT looking to be sold. What they ARE looking for is quality information they can trust and answers to their real estate questions.

Give your site visitors well-written, informative real estate web site content. Search engines will reward you as well, with more traffic. By PREselling site visitors, you will create trust and confidence through the information you provide.

Where To Find Web Site Content

The first step in creating good content is to determine who your site audience is then what information will appeal specifically to the audience you want to target.

The second step would be keyword research to discover how your audience is using the search engines to find this information. Create/write in your own words about that information.

If you write unique content and NOT regurgitate - duplicate the same words found on other websites, you will win both the visitors' and the search engines' favorable attention.


Good web site content will reveal your own personality and tone. It will be interesting and very informative.

Your site pages should be easy to understand so use regular English as much as possible. If you have to use 'real estate terminology' that could cause confusion for some visitors make sure you explain.

Simply write about the real estate market and your community. This ensures that visitors who read your content are also visitors that are likely interested in your target real estate market.

If you feel your writing skills are lacking, there are a few places where you can get web site content written for you, based on the specific real estate web site keywords you provide. There may even be a freelance writer or two in your community that could be contracted to write for you.

Free Web Site Content

There are hundreds of article directories where you can get content for free. Usually all that's required is that you place a small bio of the original writer at the bottom of the article, with a link to the author's site.

Use caution and limit the use of this type of free site content. Search engines tend to filter duplicated content, so you are ultimately defeating your purpose.

Private Label Rights Articles

With private label rights articles, ebooks and software you are generally sold the rights to treat the materials as if you had created them yourself. You can use them exactly as they are, edit them, rewrite them, change the title or name, claim authorship for yourself, create new products by combining several at a time ... if you can think of a use, the chances are that you can do it. PLR articles are a very cheap and easy source of fresh content that is targeted to the exact niches you need fast. The drawback to PLR is that there is an awful lot of bad PLR out there so be prudent. Plan to re-write the content.

Check ... Check and Re-Check!

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Before you publish a new page, always check spelling and grammar. If your article has misspellings and poor grammar, your site and You will appear unprofessional. People won't usually do business with companies they think are unprofessional.

You should always read all your content. Re-reading it twice is usually enough to spot errors, but I'd recommend you get some friends to proof read it for you as well.

Update your web site content as often as possible so that every time your visitors return, they will have something fresh to read on your site. No one wants to browse a site that looks the same and says the same things as it did years ago. Your fresh content/information as well as the real estate services you offer will appeal to your targeted audience.

This in turn will start the cycle of: C T P M

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what it's all about.

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The Effect of the Panda Update on Your Content Strategy - with Arnie Kuenn

Google's 'Panda' update in February 2011 downgraded the rankings of many content-heavy sites, due to duplicate or poor quality website content.

SEO expert Arnie Kuenn explains how content marketing strategies have changed and what factors are believed to be used by Google to detect poor content and what to do to generate better quality content.

He specifically addresses real estate web site content so be sure to listen carefully!


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