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Are your real estate websites online profit machines? Many feel that websites for Realtors are simply online glorified business cards. After looking at hundreds, I certainly agree that is the way most agents are using their sites.

However, today's reality dictates a need for one or more effective real estate websites if you hope to compete successfully. Looking at the options available can be very confusing so it is important to review a few points prior to any purchase.

First, let's not be nave. Websites for realtors, web design, web hosting, graphics and logos are all operated by businesses/companies looking to make a profit by selling you their products. There is nothing wrong with making a profit, but you need to be aware of which site functions will attract visitors and compell them to contact you, before you spend money and time.

So having said that, let's consider some points as well as questions you should be asking before laying your commissions on the line to buy or host a real estate website.

Websites For Realtors - FLASH

Flash is, well .. flashy.
The number one exit page on most sites is the flash introduction page. Visitors want quick answers and find flash introduction pages annoying. Search engines do not index flash pages very well as the Meta Tags (title, keywords, description etc.) generally do not exist on flash. Don't let a webmaster tell you it doesn't matter. It does matter. The search engines and consumers need to be able to find you. Just don't use it.

Keyword Phrases - Pay-Per-Click

Buying keyword phrases, by using pay per click marketing sounds great but think about it for a moment. Let's say 100 agents agree to buy a monthly package for web placement. They will all receive and use similar keywords and be placed in the same search engines and portal sites. Therefore, it stands to reason they will all be listed on the same page. How does the company propose getting you the number one position? Beware of the numerous scams that take a lot of your money to buy exclusive keywords phrases for websites for Realtors.

They may feed the larger search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN but what keywords and subject headings will they be using? Will they use all the terms you need to get the exposure or will you be paying for all the terms that everyone else is using? Are the keywords or keyword phrases the ones that consumers use? If not, this can become a very expensive lesson for you.

Websites For Realtors - Domain Name Selection

Although common practice appears to be using your own name as your domain name, don't fall into that trap for your primary, lead generating site. If you are marketing to a particular geographic area or marketplace niche, even the domain name is part of the meta-tagging process to satisfy the search engines. As well, the web page file names have some effect on the search engine spiders as they attempt to index the pages of your real estate website. Here is more information on selecting a domain name.

Websites For Realtors - Some Questions To Ask Before You Buy

checkmark  Can you customize your Keywords, Meta tags, and Site Title?

checkmark  Does your site have a unique look or is it the same as the other sites the company sells?

checkmark  Is the web site content the same for all agents who buy?

checkmark  Can you customize your site content?

checkmark  Can you link to your on-line listings and broker's site?

checkmark  Will you own the domain name you are purchasing?

checkmark  What are the total initial costs involved?

checkmark  What tools are available for search engine optimization and submission? Monthly costs?

checkmark  What is included in your site? What is not? What are those costs?

checkmark  Does it have an auto-responder system available? Is there an additional cost?

checkmark  How are consumer inquiries and forms handled?

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