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What can you expect from a 'serviced' office space?

by Bernice Palmer

Begin typing the word 'serviced' into Google and you'll be confronted with dozens of auto-populated results for 'serviced apartments', most likely followed by 'serviced offices'.

If you're new to the whole game of what exactly a 'serviced' space is, then never fear, for that is exactly what you are about to find out.

"Ok, ok. Tell me, what is a serviced space?"

Service office spaces - or any variation upon this theme, using the word service - refers to a space that has been kitted out prior to your arrival, typically containing all the things you'll need in order to get the most out of that space.

In the context of a serviced office space, this will mean that - rather than you having to supply your own IT or telecommunications - these things will be provided for in a one-off short contract.

The benefits of such as service are clear to see. If all you have to do - as an entrepreneur or an expanding organisation head - is merely pick up the phone to book such a space, then you don't have to make x-number of other calls and costs to secure your IT or other needs.

Serviced offices aren't just about having your computers, videoconferencing suite, photocopier, telephones and projectors set up for you though.

"What else do I get?"

Many serviced office space providers will also provide you with catering and refreshments for your staff's needs. They'll also be accountable for the security of your space when you're not there, perhaps providing 24/7 CCTV monitoring or on-site security.

This later point in particular could be particularly useful. The costs of hiring personnel security may be something that's currently out of your reach as a startup company or an expanding organisation. However, it pays to be secure - especially if your organisation handles a lot of personal customer data.

You might also be able to broker the use of administrative services through your supplier. This doesn't just mean having a secretary to deliver the post to you in the morning, but a full-time, dedicated organiser or booker. This is in addition to telephone-based staffing.

"Who might use them?"

As mentioned briefly, serviced spaces might appeal to those who have a limited income; those who physically cannot afford to enter long-term lease agreements with landlords. The most likely serviced office space occupiers therefore you might find to be entrepreneurs and those will smaller workforces (those with fewer than 49 members of staff).

They might also be used by organisations that find themselves in a state of limbo; those which are perhaps expanding but haven't secured a new lease - or are looking for a longer-term solution elsewhere.

It's possible that they might also be used by companies who are spend just a limited amount of time on one area, perhaps doing contract work but require the space for a few months.

By hiring serviced space these organisations have the freedoms that some others don't - perhaps too at a fraction of the cost. Ultimately this can result in them being much more flexible when it comes to up, or down-sizing, as and when they need.

About the author:

This article is written by Bernice Palmer, a consultant of real estate, Property. For more information about Conference Room, please visit:

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