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Why London Is The Ideal Location For Office Space

by Sam Jaction

If you are looking for office space, you may be having some trouble trying to decide where to have it located. London is often seen as one of the best places to have a base for a number of different reasons. Here are just a few of them...

Capitalise On The Capital

The main reason that London is a prime location of choice is probably due to the fact that it is the capital city. Known as a financial centre across the world, London holds a strong stance in the world of business. With this in mind, having an office address to rent with London or Mayfair contained in it often looks good to prospective clients.

Centre Of Everything

When you are based in any big city, you will find almost all of your amenities are close at hand. Anything that you need to assist the smooth running of the business is likely to be close by. On top of that, similar businesses can often have a tendency to have offices near to each other. From the point of view of a potential client, they have the chance to weigh up each competitor without having to visit several parts of the city.

Social Status

Because of these industry 'hubs' found across London, you can find yourself needing to get an address in the area that your business is known for. As an example, all the fashion houses are located in the same area of the capital, giving them similar addresses. The address that you have can mark your status in society, having a huge impact on the type of people that are willing to do business with you. With that in mind, an exclusive borough like Mayfair can be very sought after as an office location.

Client Expectation

It is generally more expensive to have an office in London but many businesses tend to think it's worth the investment. Many prospective clients will have an expectation that your business has a base in London and you run the risk of actually losing business by not having one. While your main base might be outside of the capital, having a second office in the capital can have huge benefits. You will have the chance to build on your business and attend events or meetings that you might otherwise have missed. Many businesses interact and socialise with each other after work and this is a valuable activity that can be good for business.

Ultimately, having your main base in London is not necessarily essential. However, having an office of some sort can certainly make a big difference. You have the chance to build client relationships outside of standard working hours as well as having an address that will look good on paper. With so many industry events taking place in the capital, it will be much easier to attend these, even if you find out at the last minute. With an office being located in the capital, you will also have all the resources you need within easy reach.

About the author: Nancy Peterson is a self publish author, she has written many articles on different topic.She started her career as marketing analyst and has worked for many companies for last few years. Nancy likes to share her experience with her readers. Currently she is writing for on the topic of office space.

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