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Spread The Word: Capitalize on Word of Mouth Advertising

When it comes to the huge decision to purchase a house, buyers want a Realtor who makes them feel comfortable and that they are being listened to. As they are on a house buying journey together, buyers want someone to make them feel special, someone who is sympathetic to their cause, and understanding of any obstacles that may enter into the path of closing a home purchase.

Buyers want a Realtor who is available to answer any questions they may have along the way, and will return calls in a short amount of time. Any Realtor worth their salt already knows these tricks of the trade. A good home buying experience for someone can give a Realtor good word of mouth advertising, which is perhaps the best kind of advertisement there is. Make sure you are prepared to capitalize on it.

Every buyer has a story about how hard or easy it was to find their new home, and you, the Realtor are part of the story. Imagine a happy couple hosting a housewarming party in their freshly painted home, relishing the compliments of partygoers, "I just LOVE your new house! The kitchen is amazing! It's making me want to buy a house, too!"

The happy hostess answers, "It's the best decision we ever made! We are so excited. You should TOTALLY look into buying a house! AND, you should use our Realtor, she was wonderful, I'll give you her card if I can find it."

You're in! You've been introduced to another prospective buyer via a happy home owner. But you've left your buyer with nothing but a business card to pass along to the people they share their story with? Big mistake. Business cards get tossed daily, washed in pants pockets daily, torn up daily, cleaned out of wallets, or just plain lost. If you have left your buyer with only a business card you have not fully capitalized on the marketing promise of word of mouth advertising. A fully prepared Realtor will have left their buyer with something more than a business card to pass along their reputation, name, and contact information.

House buying requires massive amounts of paperwork and signing. A small investment in a cache of personalized pens for your buyers to sign papers with and keep is a smart idea. If you haven't already, get yourself some pens with your contact info on them here:

Unlike business cards, pens don't get lost or thrown away so quickly. Rather, they end up in reliable places like the bottoms of purses or in an office desk, until the ink has run dry.

Don't Stop With Personalized Pens...

Pens are not the only marketing item you should consider giving your buyers. The old standby Realtor logo keychain is what every house buyer should have the keys to their new home presented on. Keychains stick around a long time after a home purchase, as it requires a small effort to remove keys from them, and risks a bent fingernail in the process.

If you have presented your buyer with your contact information on a keychain, of course they automatically know where they can easily retrieve your information to pass on to other buyers interested in a good home buying experience.

Same thing goes for magnets, your contact info is readily available on the fridge. Simple items like pens, keychains, magnets, or even letter openers or coffee mugs, are inexpensive and handy items that can help promote your business, as word spreads around town that you make home buying a pleasurable experience.

Give your buyers (or prospective buyers) these things in addition to your business card to help market your word of mouth reputation. Anything they can have that will pass along your information will be an asset to you.

Personalized Gifts For Housewarming

A closed deal on a house is always a good day. The excitement from a buyer over their new purchase, and their appreciation of you, their Realtor, will be shown in through their smiles and many utterances of "thank you!". Capitalize on this moment as well, Realtors. It is not necessary, of course, but an extra gift to show YOUR appreciation of the buyer for choosing to work with you will go a long way to having your praises sung to other potential buyers (or sellers!).

You have gotten to know the buyer in the process of showing houses, talking on the phone, signing papers. In the process of it all, be thinking of a small personalized gift that may suit your buyer's personality, and surprise them with it as you hand over the keys to their new home. Whether it be a bottle of wine, a nice vase with flowers, some local art, or a quirky tchotchke, a housewarming gift will make the buyer swoon in adoration for the special care you have taken of them, and they will spread the word like wildfire that you are the Realtor other's should choose to do business with.

Word of mouth advertising is a valuable marketing asset for any Realtor. Be sure your buyers are readily prepared to pass along your contact info with items that are not going to be easily lost or discarded. Get creative with your realty promotional items! Give your buyers something to remember you by, anything to help the word of your business be spread.

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