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Simple Tips to Write Traffic-Pulling Real Estate Articles

Writing articles and implementing an article marketing campaign is one of the most cost effective advertising methods used on the internet.

You don't have to squander thousands to begin getting targeted traffic.

Marketing with articles is very effective, provided the articles have an impact on the viewers.

Tips For Improving Your Article Writing Skills

I can hear you ... 'I'm a Realtor not a Writer!'

Following are a few tips that will help you become a writer and produce articles that create a huge impact on your target audience to the point where you will start to notice a more than adequate amount of of prospects aimed your website.

Tip 1: Write articles that are relevant to your target audience. - In all probability, you have a substantial understanding and personal experience in your actual local real estate market. This will make your article content more reliable. With a little extra research, you will be able to differentiate yourself as a real estate article writer, via well-written content pieces that come from the viewpoint of your expertise.

When writing articles, remember to make them either educational, enlightening, helpful or entertaining. The first paragraph should be a clear statement of the problem or topic to be discussed. It should guide your reader to focus on the next step. That step will probably be to your resource box to click on the link to your website.

Tip 2: Write unique articles related to existing aspects in the real estate market trends and your neighborhood. - Your writing should invariably be highly relevant to what is occurring now. Your reader is not interested in dated and past news article releases. Consistently research fresh, new and interesting sources for brand new articles. Start by managing a swipe file of relevant subjects that you can make reference to when you are composing your content material.

Tip 3: Use Popular Searched For Real Estate Keywords And Phrases. - Before you actually start writing articles, invest a little time and identify what your potential visitors are actually searching for. Then plan to write articles on those topics and issues. If potential visitors are looking for information on buying condos, write an article on that topic.

Tip 4: Use popular geo targeted keywords when writing articles. - You want to choose keywords that have a good amount of search traffic monthly. If the keywords that you have chosen are unpopular for your geographically targeted area or marketing niche, your articles will never be found. Since most of your traffic will be coming from the search engines, it's important that your articles rank well in the search results. There is more information regarding real estate website keywords here.

Tip 5: Create Attention Grabbing Headlines or A Title with Geo-targeted Keywords in It. - Once you have picked the right real estate keyword phrases, create a title making sure you include one of them in it. Since you only want targeted traffic, a general title like "Tips For Buying Condos" isn't good enough. If your keyword phrase is "Brampton condos", then a better title might be "Revealed - Why Brampton Condos Are A Good Alternative To Mississauga Condos". (As of this writing, Google indicates that "Brampton condos" has 4400 global monthly searches and 3600 local monthly searches.)

Tip 6: Types of Articles - A 'how-to article' can generally attract a lot of interest. For example: How To Prepare Your Tampa Florida House For Sale".

Tip 7: When writing articles, avoid using words that need a dictionary. - Plan to present and exchange answers that everyone is able to understand. Write using words that are easy to understand. Big words generally don't flow well in the article. If you write like you speak and stick to terms that are understandable, your article will undoubtedly be valued more by your target audience because it's easier to read.

Tip 8: Properly format your article. - Most of us hardly ever read articles in their entirety, word for word. - We tend to scan the page, selecting words, phrases and headlines. Provide the the highlights by using numbered or bulleted points. This makes it easier to scan and that way they can read the highlighted sentence or headline to give them a good idea what the paragraph is all about and decide to read it in more detail, if they choose to.

Tip 9: When writing articles, check and re-check your finished project to avoid common grammar and spelling mistakes! - Enough said.

With these tips for enhancing article writing skills, you will see the positive results from your article marketing!

Writing Articles That Are Unique In Under 5 Minutes!

With this little power tool, writing articles has just become dead easy and can be done in a "Jiffy"!

If you have already written an article or two, we welcome article submissions for review here. If accepted, we will publish them, with a back link to your site.

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To Come:

  • The Other Aspects of Article Marketing - Headline Words That Trigger Attention
  • Article Distribution - Repurpose Your Article Into Different Formats
  • Article Writers - Is hiring a freelance writer a good idea?


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